About Word-Manna Radio

The Prophetic Voice on Angelic Wings

An Internet Prophetic Radio Station established by the Lord Jesus Christ through our Father in the Lord; Prime-Major Prophet Meek Banda of Word-Manna Church (WOMAC International). We are broadcasting at the comfort of your own zone to over 180 Countries across the globe. Carrying the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to nations; Word-Manna Radio has a Chief Prophetic Messenger Angel Assigned to carry the Prophetic Voice on its wings for the manifestation of prime grace, deliverance, healing, counseling, encouragement, anointing, mentorship and all God’ blessings. Word-Manna Radio was established to give Church Financial Partners an easy access to Teachings by Prophet Meek Banda and Music Recorded under Word-Manna Talent. Word-Manna Radio is the First division of Word-Manna Church International seconded by Word-Manna TV and Word-Manna Devotion. Word-Manna Radio; The Prophetic Voice on Angelic Wings.

To join the Team of Word-Manna Radio Engineers, Producers, Beat Makers, Program Editors, Graphic Designers, Presenters and Administrative Workers, please write to listen@wordmannaradio.com. To join Word-Manna Talent or get yourself signed under Word-Manna Talent or to give us rights to your non-copyrighted original Gospel music, please send us an email to skills@wordmannatalent.com. To become a Word-Manna Radio Financial Partner, please go to the Upper or Bottom menu of this website and click on “GIVE”, then follow the given instructions or send us an email to give@wordmannachurch.com. For answers to the Frequently Asked Questions “FAQ’s”, please click “FAQ” on the bottom menu of this website and get self-help. To leave a review of any song and the Teaching of our Father in the Lord Prophet Meek Banda, please sign in to your Word-Manna Radio Account and leave your comment. Remember that your comments and reviews will be made visible on this website after 3 to 7 days because our team will need to check what you have written first before approving it. Remember also that every comment that goes against our community standards and Church Policy will not be approved, and the user will banned from using our platform thereafter.

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